Adjustable pressure vests and weighted pressure vests. Sometimes called compression vests or sensory vests or deep pressure vests. They are all just different terms for the same item. Usually a four way stretch fabric front attached to a loop style back with hook closures. We offer the thinnest, lightest and coolest vests available, it's almost a pressure shirt! starting at $29.95. Our weighted pressure vests and regular pressure vests offered in 4 colors and 7 sizes and are made in the USA. Custom sizing, Helps reduce anxiety, stimming and improve focus.

The front of the vest is made from a 1/16" thin soft, porous, stretch fabric called neoprene -scuba. It is a combination of neoprene, spandex and polyester woven together to allow light, air and moisture to pass.

Velcro style hook/loop closures are attached to shoulders and both sides to allow for easy fastening to a full loop neoprene fabric back.

Autism Pressure Vests .
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AKA: Compression Vests/Sensory Vests

 vest loop fabric back
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An example of our new fabric, Neoprene-Scuba
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American Made : Produced and Shipped from Sycamore, Illinois
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We make our own vests
Since we make our own pressure vests we are never "out of stock". Order today, it ships tomorrow. Made in the USA since 2011. 3 day shipping anywhere in the US.
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Orders over $25